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A Car Hammer Could Allow You For Quick Escape

I'm going to seem like a silly woman but I remember years ago Oprah discussing these on her program and she had someone on who had one and it conserved their life. Since then I have constantly had one of these tools in my car (I was a teen at the time and I in fact found one in my mother's Avon catalog). Through the years I have found my way to lose my previous car hammer so I was very excited to get this one. I genuinely hope I never need to use this but having it in my car constantly makes me feel a little more secure. I in fact like this car hammer better than the one I had because the handle is longer so it appears like you could have better grip of. I keep mine in the storage unit next to my seat so that should I ever need to use it I know exactly where it is.

If you do not have one of these already exactly what are you awaiting? If nothing else it is worth the peace of mind. If you are ever in a scenario where you need it would you rather have it in your car ready to use or be there wishing you had spent the cash to get one? If you are aware of someone simply starting to drive or a moms and dad or anyone that is a little terrifying to get behind the wheel with, get them this as a present and hopefully they will certainly never need to use it.

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