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Accused And Felony Defense Attorney Partnership;

One may be held guilty of any minor or significant offences by police officer.Key offences include theft, rape, assault, kidnapping molestation etc.Legally an accused , could be innocent or guilty, has fundamental ideal of a fair trial and has all rights to defend himself or by his hired legal representative.Just about every accused is accused unless proved by competent court. As per law police if convinced with proof of possessing connectivity of accused to commit any offence empowers concerned officer to arrest accused and preserve under custody maximum for 24 hours and not beyond.Then accused is brought prior to court and if court feels needed for investigation , police can demand additional remand of accused in police custody otherwise accused is taken into magistrate custody. Thereupon it'll argued by the counsel on behalf of accused i.e. criminal defense lawyer hired or appointed by accused , to release on required bail surety or money surety as permitted by the court, based upon gravity of seriousness of alleged offences against the accused.Criminal lawyer of accused completely tries and argues for release of accused and making him present on all coming dates and undertakes that accused will by no means abscond and can be present ahead of court anytime asked for. When plea is recorded by accused , it's duty of criminal lawyer to teach the accused which answers of jury or judge are to be given in affirmative and which in damaging.Listening argument and supplies on record apart from evidences on record against or in favor of accused , judge decides to release accused on bail or equivalent cash surety with or without conditions so as to not temper with evidences or witnesses. Next stage is trial start off with the criminal case against accused by each lawyers.Government pleader lawyer on behalf of prosecution brings or calls witnesses one particular by 1 and examines so as to depose just before court and record their statements.Against which criminal defense lawyer will cross examine the witnesses and nullify their deposition by questions-answers.Prosecution public prosecutor may also bring documentary evidences on court record with statements , if any, which also will likely be crossed by accused criminal lawyer and similar is going to be recorded in the case papers. Right after אסף דוק , evidences are completed and examined then stage comes of final argument which may well be orally or in written covering each of the recordings by the court in this case that will be rebutted by the accused criminal lawyer. When עו"ד דוק argument then soon after studying all papers , recorded statements, arguments, judge pronounce final judgement based upon the evidences either to convict the accused or acquit the accused.

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