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CARMick Products Preparing RFID Shielding Folders For Release to Market

We advise all our consumers of the truth that Identity Theft and fraud can take place anywhere; and in seconds! We highly advise carrying your cards in our sleeves or folders daily. Everybody should have the security these basic products can supply. Buy some as presents!

Our present line of RFID Blocking items continues to be available via our store front on the online shopping site.

CARMick Products is progressing in making available one more brand-new item. Building on the success of its ID Preserver line of RFID blocking sleeves and covers, the newest addition will be available in the shape of a folder.

This brand-new style is also more closely matched to the actual size of a typical wallet card than the already well-tailored sleeves presently on sale. You can make use of each sleeve to shield one or several contactless payment cards. For those who are likely, you can cut them to fit a purse and use them as a lining.

Unlike the sleeves and covers, they have no glued joints, so no level of use would trigger them to fall apart like that. The folders will initially be provided in a pack of 5. Final pricing is yet to be identified.

As has held true to day, CARMick Products will continue to focus its advertising and distribution initiatives on the marketplace. We will have a full launch statement in a few days. There will be time-limited launch prices and discount coupons too.

Keep up to date! Inform your close friends and family!

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