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Cotton Bedding Best For Babies And The Whole Family

Are you expecting a baby and don't know where to start preparing? New parents are very often bewildered as to what to purchase for their children. Parenting magazines, mommy blogs and talk shows are full of “must have” advice for a parent's first purchases, and sometimes the overload of information is confusing. Among parents' concerns is bedding. Parents wonder what type of bedding to buy, what pieces of bedding are truly needed, proper fabrics, and other issues. When it comes to bedding, parents often turn to the timeless soft fabric of cotton. Cotton offers both adults and children consistency, and is part of an historical tradition in bedding. You've heard of “the touch of cotton” but do you know the origins of cotton in bedding?

Cotton has been used as a cloth covering dating back as far as 3000 B.C. and in 1793, Eli Whitney's cotton gin helped revolutionize the cotton industry forever. Cotton bedding is, and has been a staple in bedding fabrics for hundreds of years, for both mattresses and the bedding linens on them. Even early makeshift mattresses were stuffed with bits of extra cotton, feathers and other natural materials. As the industrial revolution arrived and mattresses were manufactured, their manufacturers still stuck to cotton as a source of comfort.

Cotton is called a “miracle fabric” is understandably one of the most common forms of bedding in sheets, comforters, linens and more. Cotton is chosen for bedding because of its moisture absorbency and breathability. Even in hot weather, cotton doesn't trap heat the way synthetic fibers can. Although synthetic fibers can be cheaper, fabrics made from synthetics can become scratchy and uncomfortable as they wear; the softness and comfort of cotton endures. For these reasons baby bedding is often made of 100% cotton.

Parents, looking for long-lasting bedding, often choose cotton since it breathes well and is soft to the touch. This fabric transitions well through the seasons, with nothing nicer than a crisp, clean cotton sheet in the summer or soft, warm cotton sheets in the winter. Cotton is a fabric perfect for babies, toddlers, teens and tweens, so it's no wonder parents choose it so often for children's bedding products such as crib sets, sheets, comforters, pillows and more.

One of the best uses of quality cotton is in crib mattress covers. Babies need anywhere from 8 to 16 hours of sleep a day, so a cool comfortable sleeping surface is key.

Companies like Tumpety Tots Baby Products, found at, have abandoned the old plastic crib mattress pads and have turned to something softer to the touch and more comfortable. More baby product manufacturers are offering 100% quilted cotton top mattress covers for infants, giving them a restful sleep. Recently Tumpety Tots has taken this trend one step further, manufacturing covers that are miniature, high quality, versions of adult mattress covers, including a waterproof backing to protect the crib mattress.

Cotton has come a long way in bedding, from being stuffing for a makeshift mattress, hundreds of years ago, to being used for soft and durable linens, and now as a soft spot for babies to rest.

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