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Freddie And Sebbie Car Storage Organizer Passes 100 Perfect Score Amazon Customer Reviews

Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, says that the car storage organizer has recently gotten over a 100 leading ranked reviews by faithful customers on Amazon. He included... "We are genuinely grateful to every customer who has made the effort to share their product experience with others looking for a reliable way to keep their car neat and tidy. We are also pleased to see that some consumers have actually mentioned that the car organizer likewise functions as kick mats, so consumers are actually getting 2 products for the price of 1."

"This is a really terrific product," says Mark Sloan in one 5 star Amazon score. He includes... "It's actually an excellent item, as it's basically a kick mat and organizer in one. You do not get those dirty feet against your nice leather/fabric anymore, and the kids like filling the pockets with their own things." Star4virgin in another 5 star ranked Amazon review says it's a gorgeous item to own. The client says... "I've just installed my backseat organizer and it fitted well. This would be for my adult boy, who has got a heart problem, so he needs a lot of spaces to keep his bottled water, soda and anything that would fit in the pockets. I am so delighted to have actually purchased it, because next month we would take a trip once more to San Francisco, so I know it's going to be really helpful for my boy's personal needs, and with that, I will definitely be recommending this item to others I know."

Amazon verified client, Brenda Spiker, says in her 5 star review that there are no longer any excuses for an untidy car ever again! She says... "I purchased this organizer for the rear of my Camaro in order to arrange all the "important things" the grand-kids can not leave the house without. It is within easy reach of my granddaughter's car safety seat, and today it is housing her "play cell phone," princess coloring book, colors, jewelery, and there is still lots of space for more goodies! My only concern was that I would not be able to reach behind it to open the seat to enable anyone into the rear, but there is lots of room to fit my hand behind it. Yea, Freddie and Sebbie! I love your high-quality, great looking organizers, and especially the life-time assurances!"

Lastly, Tom Skelton has described in his 5 star review how well the item has turned out as a rear organizer. He says... "Turned out terrific as a rear seat organizer. Attachment with easy, adjustable straps around headrest at the top, and around seat base at bottom, keeps the organizer taut so stuff doesn't move about. Enough flexible size pockets for lots of things. I do not use it for kids' travel, but I guess it doesn't matter what is put in the pockets. There are areas formed for drinks in cans or bottles, and documents. Some pockets have mesh covers so you can not see the contents, and some with complete coverage. Finally, there are some areas where you can pack practically anything, like towels, wipes, an umbrella, or even a flashlight. A really terrific product that I will certainly be recommending to family and friends!"

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