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Leak Proof Car Garbage Bin Awarded Over 100 Positive Amazon Customer Reviews

The Freddie and Sebbie car trash can was launched on Amazon last September, as an accessory to assist parents keep the family trash off the car floor and seats, though according to some of the client reviews, the device is in fact ideal for all motorists. The product description on Amazon discloses that the automobile trash device is completely leak-proof, and has 4 strong sidewalls, helping to prevent collapsing. The recorded size dimensions for the extra big trash can are 12" long x 10" deep x 7" wide. The product description also states that it has been specially created to stay completely secure in one position.

Amazon validated buyer Susan E provided her complete backing in a 5 star ranked evaluation released in April this year. She stated: "I cannot say much about the performance of this trash can yet, because I purchased it as a gift for my daughters brand-new car. She is in her car all day for work meanings that great deals of stops for beverages and eats. On more than one occasion I've opened the door to the back seats of her old car and been greeted by a stack of cups and bags on the floor. The little trash can that hold on the back of the seat do not hold much. I had no idea trash bins for automobiles existed. When I saw this one, and how great it looks I thought it would fit like a glove on her back car floor, and assist safeguard the carpet mats in her brand-new car."

She then verified that her daughter had just received it, and loved it too, while saying she was incredibly delighted about it being "leakage resistant" Susan adds: "She sent me a photo of herself holding the bag with a huge smile. I will give an update soon relating to the quality and leakage resistant claims after she's used it for a while." In another recent 5 star ranked evaluation, Chunsa Jee stated: "Only just received this a few days ago, have not actually had time to put it to the test. With that in mind, it appears very well made, the sides are really durable, and it hangs well in my car. Even though it's water resistant, I still utilize a plastic bag in it, just for ease of clearing. Love that there are 2 large size straps, making it easy to hang or have on the floor."

Finally, in one of the most recent 5 star ranked reviews released on Amazon, a confirmed customer states: "I do a great deal of stuff in my car, I tend to end up with my floors filled with trash. This is terrific, I simply keep it behind my back seat, and when someone is getting in my car, I can simply jam the trash in this thing for the appearance of cleanliness. Velcro lid keeps it shut tight, and it's the ideal size to hold a large quantity of trash without being over big."

In a current press conference, official company spokesperson Neil Speight verified that the automobile garbage bin was leak-proof, though advised using regular bin liners to keep the accessory inside clean, and devoid of bad smells. He added: "If a client should experience a leakage issue with the trash can, it would be covered by our free life time replacement guarantee, an unique guarantee that Freddie and Sebbie supplies to back each product sold on our Amazon shop."

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