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Learn How To Make Homemade Nut Milk and Save Cash

The easiest guide to make homemade nut milk to save money.

Are you a vegetarian looking to make sweet nut milk while making savings as well? This article will give you a step by step guide of preparing delicious home-produced nut milk, sweeten it by adding flavors and store it for a few days.

What is nut milk and why does it matter?

Nut milk is a simple liquid manufactured from nuts. It is white in appearance and looks the same as the ordinary cow milk that you have taken for a long duration. Many people move to consuming raw nut milk for a number of motives. For instance, it is known that nut milk is not only delicious than animal milk but it is also healthier. People who drink this kind of milk are known to have a better life because they have less odds of getting diseases that ordinary people get. Last but not least, preparing nut milk is less expensive than buying animal milk.

Find the best nuts

The first step is to buy the best nuts. There are numerous nuts that you can simply use to make nut milk. In fact, there are thousands of nuts from different cultures that people use. Some of these nuts are: macadamia and almonds. They can be bought from grocery stores and supermarkets for only a couple of dollars.

Soak the nuts in water overnight.

After buying the nuts, it is advised that you place them in water overnight. The fact is that nuts that have not been soaked in water are usually very dry. When you place them in water overnight, some water will go into the nuts by osmosis and make the inner part a bit soft.

Use a blender

After doing this, you should now use a blender to crash the nuts. As you do this, you should be adding some water. The end result of this will be a thick substance, white in color. You should now collect the thick liquid and put it in a jug.

Sieve the liquid using a nut milk bag

You should now take the liquid and put it into a nut milk bag. The nut milk bag is a relevant item that is manufactured from nylon. The ideal nut milk bag is made by a company called Kitopia and can be bought online at Amazon. You should squeeze the liquid and collect the smooth liquid in a cup.

Drink/refrigerate/add flavors

After sieving the liquid, you are now at liberty of taking it as it is. An alternative procedure is to put it into a refrigerator. Another alternative is to add a flavor of your choice in the milk.

The fresh liquid usually stays fresh for about 2 days. If you are preparing it at home for your family members, you can easily make one to last for 2 days.

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