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Over 1000 Amazon Customers Give Backing For Freddie And Sebbie Kick Mats

Just this week, Zack Zimmerman has given a 5 star testimonial for the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats on Amazon, who states... "Have children? Have a car? These are a real must!" In what was the one thousandth Amazon consumer testimonial for this product, he adds... "We have grey leather interior in our brand-new car, which would be damaged by our 1 and 3 year old boys if we didn't have these mats! Absolutely a must have for moms and dads, as they are simple to set up, and work well protecting the backs of seats from kids mucky shoes."

Business spokesman, Neil Speight has actually expressed the companies gratitude in a current interview, stating... "On behalf of Freddie and Sebbie, I want to offer our thanks to Zack for providing the kick mats 1000th Amazon consumer testimonial. We are truly grateful to all our loyal customers for leaving such great feedback about the kick mats. With the Second year anniversary for our finest selling product on the horizon, we would never have thought back then, how well this product would assist moms and dads to save their car leather seats from getting kids scuff marks on them. This is something backed up by essentially all the Amazon evaluations, which additionally show that the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats are an excellent fit for most cars, so full marks to our design team."

In another 5 star testimonial, another Amazon confirmed consumer states... "I have a smaller sized automobile, and picked these Freddie and Sebbie kick protectors because the measurements matched those of my seats more closely than others. Fit is excellent, and the mat is flush with the contour of the seat. Up until now they have stood up to continual wear of kids, and have remained in place without any adjustment needed. I would recommend these seat protectors." Another consumer states they fit on a Toyota RAV4 2010, while additionally commenting on how well they handle the children, stating... "Together with small middle seat spacing and car seats, the children's feet touch the front seats. These mats however are great to safeguard your rear front seats from dirt, mud, and so on. Certainly works well!"

Neil additionally commented on how well the Amazon shipping service has actually assisted their company to grow. He said... "The shipping service provided by Amazon is generally a concern off your mind, because it never fails, or really seldom does. Numerous customers are really eager to point out the shipping service in their product evaluations, which is additionally greatly appreciated." In one recent testimonial the point has actually been clearly made, with confirmed consumer Andres stating... "Exceptional product, great quality, really fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. I highly recommend these kick mats if you wish to keep your seats new looking and clean, especially in the winter season."

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