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Preparing the Best Nut Milk

How to make the most delicious nut milk.

Many people, looking forward to try new diets are finding themselves trying nut milk on a very frequent basis. Nut milk has been noted as the best alternative to regular milk. As you already know, while animal milk is very sweet and nutritious, it also has a number of issues which make it unhealthy. Nut milk is made from different nuts such as macadamia and cashew nuts. In this essay, we will look at a number of main issues you can use to make the best nut milk.

Find the finest nuts

The first major thing to do when finding great nut milk is to find the finest nuts. If this is the first time you are preparing the nut milk you should be free to try various nuts especially the ones that you are interested in. For instance, if you don’t love cashew nuts you can try with almonds or cashew nuts. After making the decision of the finest nuts to use, you should buy from a good store that sources these nuts from the finest places. You should start by purchasing nuts in small quantities so that you can easily test them.

Get a great nut milk bag

Supposing that you own a blender, the only thing that you should buy is a nut milk bag. A nut milk bag is a special bag made from nylon that you can easily use to crash the nut milk. There are many advantages of using the nut milk bag rather than using a mere sieve. A sieve has large spaces that will permit large quamtities of nut pieces to go through. The finest way to take nut milk is to take it smooth when it does not have the particles. The finest nut milk bag is made by Kitopia and you can easily buy it at Amazon.

Blend the nuts

You should now clean the nuts and remove the hard cover. After doing this, you should [place the nuts in a blender and blend for a few minutes. This blending will guarantee that the nuts are well blended. As you blend them, you should put some water so that a thick liquid can be produced.

Use the nut milk bag

Last but not least, you should now use the nut milk poch to sieve the thick nut milk. Ideally, you should put the thick milk in the bag and squeeze it hard to produce a smooth milk-like liquid.

Lastly, you can add some flavors in the milk or take it plain. Some of the flavors that you can easily use are: vanilla, strawberry, mango and even banana. You can also add a little quamtity of sugar to taste.

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