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Reduce Cellulite by Helping Yourself to these Fat Busting Foods

To feel and look good, we are typically provided a variety of things not to do and foods not to consume. After a while it appears the only way to feel and look good is through a life of starvation. Instead of a list of what not to do, here is a list of scrumptious, savory, satisfying foods, spices and beverages that will certainly fight and shrink cellulite, boost your body immune system, along with balance and support your cells.

We love our watermelon. This low calorie fruit teems with water, and has Lycopene-- a powerful antioxidant. One cup is filling and low in calories. Mentioning Lycopene, tomatoes also have this component, are high in Vitamin C and encourage in collagen growth. Use liberally on salads and in sauces. Oranges contain methoxylated bioflavonoids which enhance circulation and correct cell imbalance. An 'apple a day' consists of pectin which helps detoxify the digestive tract. While we are on the fruit system, pink grapefruit also consists of methoxylated bioflavonoids, increases blood flow and remedies cell imbalance. Rotate these fruits for a vibrant addition to your daily breakfast. Mixed vibrant berries as a topper for your morning oatmeal supplies you with the best start for your day.

In the veggie category we have a selection of yummy and vibrant secret weapons that fight cellulite. Spinach is low in calories, and consists of Vitamin A which reduces cellulite and aids collagen growth. Asparagus is an anti-inflammatory, decreases bloating, flushes out toxins and works as a natural diuretic. Broccoli consists of Alpah Lipoic which avoids collagen from solidifying (which triggers cellulite). Cucumbers work as a diuretic, and relieves water retention and removes toxins. Lemons helps in the restoration of the body's acid-alkali balance keeping our insides at a steady pH.

For an excellent protein source, oily fishes contain fatty acids which metabolize fat.

Let's spice it up! These spices will certainly not only include flavor to your dishes, but battle the bulge, increase metabolic process, provide a lot of anti-oxidants, and are the key to long life. Cayenne pepper burns calories and improves circulation. Tumeric is filled with anti-oxidants, promotes blood flow and battles toxins. Garlic decreases cholesterol and increases blood flow and is reported to eliminate against viruses and germs.

Drink to your wellness! Consuming a lot of water flushes toxins right from the body. Green tea is another go-to beverage which aids sugar regulation, beats cellulite, and consists of Theobromine which promotes the release of stored fat in the body. Our favorite beverage we drink on throughout the day is a dish we call "SpaWater". We mix a big pitcher of water and include sliced up lemons and slices of cucumber. This so revitalizing you will certainly feel as though you spent a day at your favorite day spa. With the PH balance, flushing and natural diuretic in this day spa water, you are working at being healthy while you toil away at your desk. Let's drink to that!

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