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Spy Pen Recording Reveals Sexual Harassment In Workplace. Women Catches Boss With Video Spy Pen!

It's always a great story when the bad lose and the good win! Normally I don't write about important topics, but this story hit home for me, and I thought I share the story. Most of the writings I post on the web for blogs and articles are just for a chuckle, so this story is completely different for me. It has a great ending and could help others - It was also personal for me.

I met the most beautiful women two years ago. I'm the luckiest man on the planet because this amazing person, is now my wife. It was a warm sunny Saturday and I just moved to Atlanta, GA. Single, and enjoying my new job and the great weather. I was not looking for a relationship, but this girl took my breath away when I seen her sitting and having tea. To make a great long story short, we started dating and had a great time. But like any relationship, it has issues.

I noticed a change with my girlfriend (at that time) when she came home from work somedays. Kathie never wanted to talk about work anymore. That was weird because it was a job that she loved. For her, it was exactly what she wanted in a career. Kathie is super smart, and great at what she does. She is beautiful and does not even know it. She is wonderful to everyone, but is a little naive and I think people feel they can take advantage of her.

The issue she was having started when a new division manager was promoted in to her branch.

The issues she was having at office were brought home. Unfortunately at the time she did not want to talk about it. This was a major concern for me and our relationship. I knew she was going to be my wife someday, so her happiness and my support was critical for us to last. So one day, I put it all on the line to get to the bottom of the issue(s). Kathie opened up and broke down. It gave me so much pain to see her so uncomfortable talking about the issues she dealt with weekly. Kathie was ready to quit the career she loved, because of her new boss making sexual advancement towards her, and bribing her with career advancement, if she went along with personal favors. Man was I mad! The bad thing was her boss was highly respected in the company, and part of the HR leadership team of a large public company.

So the only way we could fix the issue, was to get proof of her boss making the sexual advancements to my girlfriend. So I searched for hidden camera video recorders, so she could secretly record the events when alone with her boss. I found the perfect mini hidded spy pen recorder. It was made by U-Guard Security Products®. It was affordable and had some great features we needed, like a motion activated recording option. The hidded camera video pen was a great quality, rechargeable and compact. Kathies manager would never know he was being recorded. The hidden video camera pen was easy to use, and Kathie was ready to use the camera pen to capture video to have proof of the sexual harassment. The hidden video camera pen worked great! We captured all the proof we needed on video with full audio and Kathie was able to report her boss without fear of losing the career she loves. The video recording got her boss removed from the company. Kathie got promoted to Vice President of her department 12 months later and we could not be happier. Thanks to the mini video recording spy pen. I never thought I own a spy gadget like the video pen, but I love it, and use it all the time now.

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