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Surviving Your Baby's First Bad Influenza

For lots of first-time parents, baby's very first bad stomach influenza often catch them off-guard. Inevitably, at some time shortly after their very first birthday, particularly if they are attending day-care, your child will come down with their very first nasty belly bug. This includes an unique set of messes that some very first time moms and dads could not quite be ready for.

To start with there are the baby diapers. Kids with a tummy ailment will typically have looseness of the bowels. In talking with other mothers, it is clear, there is no baby diaper that doesn't leak, and leak frequently, throughout a spell of "the poops". If you are a cloth baby diaper customer, keeping up with the washing could wind up being virtually impossible. You could want to switch over to disposables until the spell ends. These leaks additionally mean your youngster will go through quite a worrying number of sleepers. Sleep sacks are good, because they assist in keeping the more small leaks off the bed linens. It is smart to ensure you have a lot of added sleepers and sleep sacks available at all times. For those times when the leaks do reach the bed linens, making sure the baby crib mattress is shielded is essential. You need a baby crib mattress cover which is water-proof, breathable, hypoallergenic, and very easy to change.

Looseness of the bowels could additionally be extremely irritating to your child's skin. If they get a diaper-rash, then subsequent loosened bowel movements often be extremely painful. I spoke to one mother who said that sleeping in the same room as her child meant that she could get her child's bottom changed as swiftly as possible, thereby decreasing irritation to the skin. Liberal application of Zinc, or other barrier lotions will assist to minimize inflammation as well.

Then you have to take care of the messes created by an upset belly, and nausea. There is not much you could do to plan for this; the bed linen will get dirtied; there's no way around it. Have plenty of extra bed linens handy, especially a top quality waterproof baby crib mattress cover, like the Happy Sleep Baby crib Mattress Cover from Tumpety Tots found at This will make certain that the baby crib mattress is shielded.

Consumer Reports states: "use a tightly fitting, washable, waterproof, mattress cover to protect the mattress and keep the baby's sleeping environment as clean and as sanitary as possible".

This is a time when having more than one baby crib mattress protector is a really excellent idea; you could have one in the wash and one on the baby crib.

Among the worst things about all this is that the poor little thing has no idea just what's going on. It is extremely frightening for them, and they are not able to warn you about being sick to their stomach or having a nasty BM. Stay as close as you can to them, at all times. Call the pediatrician and/or pharmacist, and ensure they know the scenario and the symptoms.

In the end, it is going to be a bit of a rough time. You are going to be run-down, and anxious. Simply take a deep breath, and attempt to trust your instincts. And do not forget to ask friends and family for the support you require. Believe me. They will be delighted to lend a hand.

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