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Tough Reliable High Quality Car Seat Mirror

Top quality baby car mirror that is an essential for all parents.


- Very simple to use. Just fit the straps around the automobile's headrest and pivot to an appropriate angle, and the mirror will certainly stay in place. Easy to change position and angle according to individual choice.

- Sturdy and dependable. The straps keep this mirror well in place, and I do not have to fear at any point that it may change by itself to a bad angle, come loose, and even fall off.

- Charming design, perfect size, and good quality. Proper for babies, and mirror is made of expensive, excellent material.


- Completely individual choice, however I would enjoy if this mirror could be offered in a color aside from green so that it can match with my automobile more. Aside from that small tip, I cannot discover anything negative to state about this mirror as it is in general a fantastic item.


It's really great to be able to look into the mirror without needing to turn myself around and see that the the baby in the backseat is doing alright- whether that implies he is asleep and snoring or playing happily. It offers me peace of mind. The mirror is without any defects- no enjoyable home looking images there! And the gadget itself attaches firmly to the back seat headrest which is remarkable. The color is excellent and the design is charming and I am very pleased with the sample I was provided.

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