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ePlugz Saving Thankgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! It's excellent to see loved ones that you haven't seen in a while.. Exactly what's not too wonderful is that this taking a trip likewise suggests that you'll be bombarded with a great deal of sound for hours on end. And after football, turkey and stuffing, beer and wine, and dessert you may be sharing your night with some loud snorers.

Exactly what's the option to this situation? e-Plugz Premium ear plugs offer the highest sound reduction so you can have a much better thanksgiving experience this year. Check out or get some shut-eye on the airplane, train, or car without the sound of engines, or fellow passengers. Get a great night's sleep even if Mother or Papa's snoring is shaking the foundations.

From today until November 30, 2014, you can get 8$ off e-Plugz on by using code BLKFRI14.

Delight in the Silence!!

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