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iPerfect Kitchen Will Be Providing Improved Envy Spiral Slicers Starting from December 15

iPerfect Kitchen will be supplying a boosted variation of their most preferred product on the marketplace, the Envy Spiral Slicer, starting from December 16. Business supervisor Jessica Moore proclaimed that the enhancements will be made to completely lessen possible discontentments when it comes to the product some consumers could have.

iPerfect Kitchen's Envy Spiral Slicer is a vegetable spiralizer that could quickly turn veggies like zucchinis as well as cucumbers right into pastas noodles, as a result aiding people ready more healthy as well as varied dishes. The product works using durable Eastern stainless-steel blades that could puncture any kind of vegetable no matter of its quality, remaining sharp for a lot longer as contrasted to other materials. The spiral cutter comes when it comes to two different julienne dimensions put on each side of the device (2 x 3mm as well as 3.5 x 5mm specifically), permitting consumers to cut veggies right into either pastas- or linguini-sized noodles. The cap of the Envy Spiral Slicer could be made use of as finger guards to make sure that consumers will remain safe while using it.

, iPerfect Kitchen supervisor Jessica Moore replied: "We got several problems regarding the quality of the blades-- while some consumers claimed that they were not sharp adequate to cut with any kind of vegetable, others claimed that they found items of the blades in their food. In addition, the brand-new variation of the Envy Spiral Slicer will have better-attached blades that will never ever degenerate during usage.".

One more renovation that will be made to the Envy Spiral Slicer includes using more secure materials that are completely BPA-free. "BPA, or bisphenol A, has been connecteded to cancer several times," declares a speaker for iPerfect Kitchen. "The future variation of the vegetable spiralizer will be made from BPA-free materials, as a result shielding them against possible health-related problems," he continues.

The brand-new variation of the Envy Spiral Slicer will be readily available to the public starting from December 15, so consumers could effectively get it as a Xmas gift for their amateur-cook buddies or family members at the affordable price worth of $12.95. For more information with regards to iPerfect Kitchen or the product, go to

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