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Have it ever happend to you that you are on a diet or something like that and want to consume more vegetables but at some point you find yourself not consuming more vegetables no more because you are bored of them? That thing happended to me once, I was tr
JohJDu4c 04.02.2015 0 1118

For years I've been struggling with vegetables, they have been like my own nightmare but I was always consuming them becuase I knew they were healthy and they were fine for my body but to be honest I never liked them. NEVER EVER EVER LIKED THEM. Until one
JohJDu4c 01.02.2015 0 1060

As a parent I know it's hard for us to get our kids to consume more veggies, Tv and friends have a big roll here, as kid we are told that veggies are a bad thing, something our parents say it's good but taste really bad. Something we have to eat not someth
JohJDu4c 11.11.2014 0 1435

A few days ago I created a post where I was talking how I managed to start eating vegetables and I promised that I was going to talk about how I did it today. As I said, I was browsing the web (I like to read press releases) and I found one that was talkin
JohJDu4c 10.11.2014 0 1276

Are you trying to eat healthier everyday? I know, its hard, I've been there, actually. When it comes to eating heatlhy everybody thinks VEGETABLES but for me vegetables used to be something that I had to away from, as a kid my parents didn't care if I ate
JohJDu4c 06.11.2014 0 1352