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Freddie And Sebbie Tote Cooler Box Makes Huge Impact On The Amazon Marketplace

Nevada based accessory business, Freddie and Sebbie, have already made a massive impact on the sports accessory market after their new deluxe cooler box has received 56 customer ratings after just two months on the market. After specializing in childcare products for over a year, Freddie and Sebbie worked their way into the sporting accessory market, understanding that their desire for the highest quality products for value-for-money costs extended beyond just young households. With the release of their insulated 21.5 by 13.5 by 6.5 inch cool bag, has come a brand-new success for this young brand, who are sure to spread their talents into every crack of family life.

Co-founder of the business, Neil Speight, said in a recent interview: "We love helping families. My brother and I, the co-founders of this business, are fathers ourselves, and we understand there's absolutely nothing better than finding the perfect item at the perfect price. However, recently, we've realized something... We're not just Dads - we're people too. Why should our work ethic be limited to just families with young kids? Why can't everyone take advantage of the highest quality products on the marketplace, at a fraction of the price of our rivals? We're obviously still sticking to our roots in the childcare accessory market, but we're broadening our product range, and by the looks of the amount of incredible ratings for our brand-new Luxury Cool Bag after just two months of trading, our clients think that too!"

With leak-proof insulation, a detachable liner for simple cleaning and a padded shoulder strap for simple carrying, Freddie and Sebbie's deluxe cooler box is particularly developed for daily use, featuring unique space-saving Velcro straps to make for easy storage over the winter months. Whether that's in the garden as a cool box for a couple of beers or a family picnic to the park, Speight states that this cool bag is just developed for any individual and everyone.

With 53 5-star ratings on the Amazon Marketplace, it is easy to see that this may well hold true. With ratings such as, "Well built, meticulous stitching in place, reinforced carry handles, and an overall attractive look," and "the inside of this fantastic bag will hold a lot groceries and items for a picnic. I have actually even used it for a trip to the beach to not let dripping/wet clothing and towels mess up the carpet or upholstery in my car," it's simple to see that the quality and usability at the core of this item are the factors for its near-perfect average score after such a short time.

This item is available to purchase from the Freddie and Sebbie Amazon shop, with additional info about the deluxe cooler box discovered on their site at

Discover The Freddie and Sebbie Deluxe Cooler Box On Amazon By Clicking Here: Deluxe Cooler Box

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