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Freddie and Sebbie Announces Introduction of Neoprene Cooler Box

Nevada-based seller Freddie and Sebbie is well-known for their top quality infant and toddler items and accessories offered solely through the Now, the business is expanding in various instructions in order to provide even more types of items to customers looking for reputable, durable and now, stylish products. The business just recently revealed their newest item is their Neoprene lunch bag, a stylish luxury lunch box for ladies of any ages.

In a recent interview, Freddie and Sebbie co-director Neil Speight revealed the launch of their latest item to be sold on, a Neoprene lunch bag, which he states is PVC, BPA, lead and phthalate free. "Our business is about supplying items that have proven to be top quality and valuable to our consumers," discussed Speight. "Our Neoprene lunch box is no exception. We want to offer ladies of any ages with a stylish, multi-purpose lunch bag that is designed to be incredibly durable and easy to carry. And similar to all of our other tested and recommended items, this one includes a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee."

Speight went on to describe the Neoprene lunch bag, which is constructed to last for several years, as designed to be 14 inches in length, 6 inches wide and 10 inches deep when fully functional. "This product truly makes a terrific gift for moms, children, teens and everyone in between," said Speight. "The bag was designed to look like a fashionable women's bag, so others who see won't even realize it is your lunch bag."

Aside from their brand-new lunch bag, Freddie and Sebbie offer house and household items such as their luxury jumbo toy hammock, stroller organizer, luxury large folding outdoors blanket and more. Speight made sure to communicate just just how much the business strives to provide moms and dads and households with products that will help make their lives a little easier, are high in quality and economical.

"Being a dad myself, I understand what it's like to want quality products for your children along with products that will make your own life easier, all without having to spend a fortune," Speight mentioned. "Freddie and Sebbie is about making certain moms and dads have a place to go to find these products, and we've made it as practical as possible by using as our selling grounds. Using also enables us to get the feedback we need to know when we're doing something right and when we need to make a change."

For more details on the business, or to see more evaluations on their Neoprene lunch bag or other products, visit their shop. Discover The Freddie and Sebbie Neoprene Cooler Bag On Amazon By Clicking Here: Neoprene Cooler Bag

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