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Protect The Interior Of Your Car With A Car Windshield Sunshade

The harmful rays emitted by the sun can be damaging to your car's interior especially during the hot summer months. When direct sunlight passes through your windshield, it makes the temperature in a vehicle to rise and the raised temperature can damage the dashboard, seating fabrics and electronics. You can prevent these problems by employing a vehicle windshield sun shade.

The vehicle sunshade performs the important role of keeping the interior of a vehicle cool and shielding the same when a vehicle is parked in the outdoors. It helps help to minimize the interior temperature of a vehicle by effectively obstructing the sun's harmful rays. A single vehicle windshield sun shade knocks out 99.5 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays and reflects approximately 80 percent of heat from the sun.

By using a car sun shade, you are able to stop your vehicle's upholstery from deteriorating. Sun shades can also stop your vehicle's dashboard from damage. Magnified heat from the sun's rays can result in your vehicle's dashboard to get deteriorated within a few years. Accordingly, you need to make sure that you buy a vehicle windshield sun shade to guard your vehicle's interior. A sun shade also protects the vehicle's electrical components from getting damaged by additional heat.

One of the better brands of car sun shade available is SunRayShield. This user friendly vehicle sun shade is made from densely woven and very durable polyester microfiber. The reflective side of this windshield sun shade is coated with metalized silver film that enables it to deflect solar rays and re-direct heat. The other side is black in colour and 'breathes' in order to increase its performance.

For ease of use, the SunRayShield is designed to pop-out and cover the windshield and it can be held in situ by lowering the vehicle's sunvisors. It is made to perfectly fit a wide range of cars windshields. It also comes with self adhesive Velcro patches that provide a custom fitting solution when the layout of a vehicle's windshield necessitates a customised fit. Aside from keeping the interiors of a vehicle cool, there are other benefits associated with employing vehicle sunshades.

One of these benefits is that a sunshade hides the items you might have left in your vehicle and keeps people from seeing your vehicle's interior. SunRayShield vehicle windshield sunshade is easy to use. You just need to lay it against your vehicle's windshield, and it can be held in situ by lowering the vehicle's sunvisors against it. When not in use, you can easily remove it and put it into its stylish storage pouch.

Many online retailers offer vehicle windshield shades at affordable prices. You can therefore save money if you choose to purchase a windshield shade from an online giant like By shielding your vehicle's interior from damaging ultraviolet rays, the best sale value of your vehicle will be retained.

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