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Tips for Making Delicious Almond Nut Milk

Simple tips to make sweet almond nut milk.

Many people today are consuming nut milk contrary to the past when many people criticized the raw diets. They have come to love the nut milk for a number of reasons. For instance, they have come to love the nut milk made from almonds. Other people have fallen in love with spiced nut milk prepared from other nuts such as coconuts and macadamia among other nuts. What many people don’t know is how cheap it is to make nut milk. These are people who are used to purchasing the nut milk on a regular basis. In this writing, we will consider a number of key tips that you ought to always follow when preparing nut milk from almond.

Use fresh nuts

The sweetness of the almond nut milk will be determined by the nuts that are used. If you use the best quality nuts, the result will be a delicious nut that is delicious and very tasty. If on the other side you don’t use great nuts, you will not get the finest quality nut milk. Thus, you should consider using great nuts that are very fresh.

Soak the nuts overnight

After selecting the finest almond nuts, it is very important to soak the nuts overnight. You ought to not soak the nuts for a very long time as this will not be good for the nuts. They will start growing which will have a very undesirable consequence to you. If you cannot soak the nuts for 12 hours, you can try soaking them for about 8 hours. The final result of doing this will be wet nuts with a thick conc white fluid.

Use Kitopia nut milk pouch

After selecting great nuts and soaking them throughout the night, you should now use the kitopia’s nut milk pouch to squeeze the thick liquid. This is a process where you take time to buy a good nut milk pouch. I suggest using the bag made from Kitopia for a number of reasons. One, it is of the finest quality since it is made from nylon which is a very good material for extracting smooth liquid. Also, it is a good bag because it is washable. It is a durable bag that can last for a long time.

Add nuts first to the blender

When you are ready to blend, you ought to add the nuts first and blend for about 8 seconds before adding water. After you have blended for the 8 seconds, you ought to now add water in the blender and blend for about 1 minute.

Add flavors

There are many flavors that you can add to the liquid. You ought to add the flavors that are of the finest quality and ones that you really love. Some of these spices are made from cacao seeds and also vanilla.

Airtight glass

You should now put the liquid in an airtight glass. This will preserve the milk for a while. You can also store it in the refrigerator for some time.

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