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I'm going to seem like a silly woman but I remember years ago Oprah discussing these on her program and she had someone on who had one and it conserved their life. Since then I have constantly had one of these tools in my car (I was a teen at the time and
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Officials say the storms and freezing temperature levels in Tennessee triggered 21 deaths, consisting of eleven attributed to hypothermia. To avoid catastrophe and prevent a crisis when caught on a highway in a storm, have a survival kit with a car window
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I never really thought of having a car window breaker. However my partner has always insisted. So when I was given an opportunity to obtain one of these vehicle hammers at an affordable price and exchange for my truthful evaluation I really had a jump on i
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Massive winter snow storm packed with freezing rain, sleet and hail are hitting the United States mainland. from the Rockies to parts of the East Coast into theend of this week. This is a too often familiar condition for drivers on the nation's roadway sys
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Tools of Life suggests conscientious present offering with security in mind this holiday season. The Tools of Life car hammer is a small gift favorite for its size, practicality and security features. "We advise that relative utilize this opportunity to eq
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Each time one enters an automobile to drive someplace, they are taking a chance that they could be in a mishap. It's the exact same as not understanding when you're going to get a flat tire, or your battery is going to pass away, and you won't be able to s
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